jueves, 17 de octubre de 2013

Pedophile or pederast

Yesterday I got surprised when I saw this video.

Although many people  will be thinking that there are no words to describe these people and you can seem like the indescriptable. For me there is a description .

I find it disgusting that such kind of events happen . It is a vile and cruel act taking advantage of the innocence of a child to abuse sexually of  him.

The pederast gets degraded as a person, but the worst is that abusing causes the victim to feel too degraded.

Unfortunately it does not only affects the victims , but it also may have broader social damage.

The profile of a pedophile is not concretally specified . They are people inbetween 30 and 40, usually males , and are suffering from sexual disorders and  is sexually attracted by children under 13 years.

Not all pedophiles are child pederasts.

A pederast is someone who has committed a crime of abusing by using force, fraud , or bad art to abuse of a child.

Having sexual fantasies does not make you a pederast . That should be clear. Here we must distinguish between fantasy and fact.

But not everything bad that happens to children can be attributed to external factors.

At this time as parents you should put the hand on your heart and think.

- Am I looking enough after my child?

- Am I educating  him/her so he/she can defend him/herself?

- Am I teaching him/her wthat is critical/dangerous of the actions that happen around him?

It is true that prevent children from suffering accidents  is not very difficult, because of their ingenuity , their desire to learn , to experiment . But if we add little control over childrens we decrease the risk. It is therefore very important to always and at all times  keep an eye on the children and not let them  alone in parks or recreational areas , since these places are the ones people frequent who suffer this type of disorder.

It is convenient to teach children what to do if they realize they are lost and alone. Children should have clear that they should not go with anyone, unknown, they should not leave the place where they are and that if they decide to seek for help, it must be of a professional or police officer .

Also minors must be warn about the fact that no one makes a gifts without hidden interest. It is advisable to learn to make a critical judgment.

With respect to new technologies would be advisable not to use the social networking profiles in your room, away from parents.

This does not mean that we must keep a methodical control over the lives of our children, but I know they do, whom they associate with, etc. ..

It is very important to communicate with children in order to detect whether there is something that seems out of the ordinary way in their relationships.

But what we should not to do as parents is to obsess or reducing the liberty of our children.

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